March 18, 2013 Article

Benefits of QR Codes


What is a QR Code?

QR Codes are easy and quick to use. Customers and prospects simply point and scan and instantly have your message on their camera phones or smartphones. This means they no longer have to write or type a lengthy URL into their phone browser, significantly shortening the path to your message. Quickly and easily combine the traditional medium of printed materials with high-tech, 2D matrix bar code technology to launch your customizable web content to any web-enabled phone.


  • QR Codes are free and no licensing is required
  • QR Codes are flexible, and stored content can be personal or universal
  • QR Codes provide an immediate connection to your customer or prospect
  • Results are measurable to a high degree of detail

The marketing possibilities of QR Codes are limitless. Your customers and prospects increasingly are using their mobile phones in every phase of their lives. Examples of marketing applications include:

  • Quick links to company websites, social media websites, online forms and online contests
  • Targeted links to Personalized URLs (PURLs) in direct marketing campaigns
  • Coupons and other promotions
  • Contact information on business cards and other printed materials
  • Registration and contact information at meetings, conventions or other networking events
  • Product information such as nutritional information
  • Customized Reporting Services

QR Codes provide a wealth of useful information to allow you to identify which offers are working, who is responding and more. These are particularly useful for fine-tuning future marketing campaigns.