DS Graphics | Universal Wilde is proud to partner with customers in just about every industry. We also recognize that certain industries require a level of expertise, technology, and systems that are unique. Partnering with DS Graphics | Universal Wilde means you can count on us to stay on top of your industry trends and partner with you to provide the tools you need to be successful.


Ask us about our “we publish, you collect royalties” model

Whether you are a first-time publisher or a best seller, DSG | UW has the flexible platform to get you read.

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Expertise in navigating HIPAA-compliant healthcare communications

DSG | UW is trusted by many of the world's leading healthcare and insurance providers to handle their vast programs, efficiently and securely. We have the protocols in place to securely manage your data, and produce, warehouse, and distribute your customized communications on demand. 

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Financial Services

The partner you need to handle sensitive customer data

In the financial services sector, accuracy is key to your brand credibility—it's what builds trust with customers and underscores your firm's reputation as a rock solid financial institution. Therefore, you need a partner you can count on to provide a secure printing environment and SOCII compliant data center.

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The cost-effective partner you need to compete for the best and the brightest

Whether you’re an administrator looking to drive down costs or you work for a higher education institution competing for top-performing students and critical development dollars, controlling costs are key. 

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DSG | UW understands the world of technology.

Partner with a communications provider who matches up with your own best in class technology mission.

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Live Events

The partner that understands the planning behind Live Events.

Our “Event In A Box” system means you have more time to spend on your high payoff activities.

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Redefining the term “General Commercial Printer”

DSG | UW provides our clients with the scale, resources, technology, capacity, and quality of the biggest competition in the industry.

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