June 20, 2022 Press Release

Postal Rate Increase July 2022


As you may have heard, the USPS is planning to increase postage rates once again.

Effective July 10, 2022, postage rates will change according to the chart below.

Download our complete Postal Rates Sheet for July 2022 »

The proposed Mailing Services price changes include:

  • First Class Letters (1 oz.) increasing to $0.60.
  • First Class Letters (metered 1 oz.) increasing to $0.57.
  • First Class Letters additional ounce(s) increasing to $0.24.
  • First Class Domestic Postcards increasing to $0.44.
  • First Class International Letter (1 oz.) increasing to $1.40.

Opportunities for savings

Did you attend our webinar series last year covering the promotions that the USPS offered to save money on postage?

Did you want to take advantage of the savings, but you just couldn’t get a program together in time?

DSG | UW customers saved over $150,000 on postage last year participating in these programs…were you one of them?

You can view all of our webinars at www.dsguw.com/webinars and learn how to make this postage increase a little more tolerable.

Making sense of it all

Not to worry—your DS Graphics | Universal Wilde account executive and project manager are available to review how this increase affects your business and what steps can be taken to minimize the impact.