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Communications for business and marketing made easy. You can call us for a single project, but we never just throw services at a problem. Instead, we design solutions perfectly suited for your needs.

DS Graphics | Universal Wilde drives solutions that impact your business.

Integrated Marketing


To make into a whole by bringing all parts together.

Direct mail, e-mail, social media, catalogs, wide format, and so on – with so many ways to reach out to your customers, it is hard to keep it all straight and even harder to juggle each element while actually producing leads. How do you synchronize everything for a great, effective campaign?

DSG | UW is your one-stop solution.

Our integrated marketing campaigns combine the best thinking and experience across all marketing disciplines. We create unique and effective marketing strategies that are platform agnostic and meet your specific needs and deliver results. We believe that creativity with analytical thinking and core metrics produces results.

Let DSG | UW consult with your team to bring all the parts together.

  • Variable-data direct marketing
  • Personalized URLs (PURLs)
  • E-mail
  • Traditional and digital print
  • Web
  • Social media
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Balancing efficiency and effectiveness

Print Optimization™ is the optimal balance between efficiency and effectiveness. It is the intersection of the best combination of efficient production methods and effective communication. The optimal mix depends upon client acquisition costs and marketing strategy. But once you have made those decisions, how it gets procured and produced also has to be optimized. And that’s where Print Optimization™ comes in.

Our emphasis is to understand holistically the workflows associated with the Print Supply Chain. Our Print Optimization™ teams facilitate a gap analysis mapping the “As-Is” current condition to an “Improved” future state. This work allows us to identify exactly what the current Print Supply Chain costs an organization and what a preferred future state will save an organization.

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