Print & Mail Services

At DSG | UW we help make complex marketing communications run smoothly. From the time you provide us your content as files, you can relax.

Commercial Print

DSG | UW supports a full spectrum of commercial print services. Whether it's Corporate Collateral, POP printing, or high end Annual Reports, DSG | UW makes it happen. With the latest and most advanced manufacturing capabilities, we are able to produce brilliant color print that makes your project stand out from your competitors.

When distribution requires that stores, branches, dealers, or sales people need to receive commercial print it can also be combined with our Print Fulfillment & Distribution services to make a nationwide release easy, convenient, and efficient. DSG | UW will collaborate with you and your staff to define the most effective economic order quantities and then using the most advanced capabilities produce digital print, short run, and long run requirements that will minimize obsolescence and reduce costs.

Direct Mail

DSG | UW is a leader in managing and processing direct mail service projects for small, medium, and large corporate clients. We operate a state-of-the-art production facility. We use best practices and quality control methods to ensure successful mailing campaigns with highly responsive time to market requirements.

DSG | UW's knowledge of postal regulations and cutting-edge postal software gives us the ability to achieve the best and most affordable postage rates available for your projects.

From strategy to data management, from creative development to production flexibility - we deliver your direct mail communications with one goal in mind: increase the return on your marketing investments.

Print On Demand

You want your communications to do more than simply present data. You're looking to educate, motivate, and inspire your audience to take action.

Print on demand is a cost-effective alternative to the process of printing, warehousing, and fulfilling through manual pick-and-pack distribution, instead storing document components in an electronic library. From that library, workflow automation in the order capture process pushes the information into the digital print device and the documents are generated and fulfilled all in-line.

DSG | UW's use of both technology and automation creates an efficient workflow process for sales, operations, and marketing. Our technology goes far beyond simply providing an interface for ordering materials – it raises your communications process to the next level, maximizing the power and consistency of all your messages.

Variable Data Marketing / Print

The hardest part of any marketing campaign is not just catching the eye of your prospect, but their interest.

Variable data printing allows you to create individual pieces designed, tailored and customized for each recipient as easily as you could make a generic postcard. With variable data printing DSG | UW creates data-driven, highly-personalized communications that really hit home. Our digital VDP technology is versatile enough to produce any kind of personalized marketing materials. From training manuals and direct mail to flyers and websites.

  • Variable Data Direct Marketing
  • Variable Data Websites (PURLs)
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Online Order Entry Solutions
  • Digital Storage Of Inventory Items
  • Manipulation And Version Control Of Documents And Web Pages
  • Online Inventory And Management Of Digital Items
  • Hybrid Of Digital Items With Traditional Print Items

Web to Print

DSG | UW can help you maximize the value of your printed materials by adding relevant and personalized information while eliminating storage and obsolescence costs. The web to print process allows users to easily create customized communications with vivid, full color images, using a streamlined process that saves businesses both time and money, while driving the right documents to the right destination.

The web to print process is automation that combines technology and business logic, enabling users to create a wide variety of customized, demographically segmented communications.

This cost effective process allows marketers and businesses to streamline the document development process and reach customers quickly. The printing on demand feature allows corporate users to produce high quality, customized print materials, such as brochures, books, and manuals in both small and large volumes.

Wide Format Print

DSG | UW specializes in wide format printing to provide you with an impeccable image to impress your audience. We can print projects to help your advertisement have the uniform look that you desire.

We have the right equipment to tackle your wide-format print requirements, but we also have the trained staff and expertise to produce a beautiful end result.

Wide format printing can be a perfect way to launch a new campaign or revamp an old one. Whether you're looking to wow customers with an announcement or supplement the images in your existing campaign, large format printing is the best choice.

If you are ready to start a new project or would like to take an old advertisement to a whole new level, contact the team at DSG | UW to see how we can meet your wide format printing goals.


DSG | UW is a proven experienced supplier of worldwide fulfillment services. This knowledge base enables us to satisfy each client's unique project fulfillment needs.

Our shipping experts have a thorough understanding of both domestic and international shipping requirements as well as a depth of expertise regarding customs regulations. This know how ensures accurate, cost-effective, on-time delivery worldwide.


  • Product/Literature Fulfillment
  • Retail Fulfillment Distribution
  • Kit Assemblies.
  • Warehouse Management
  • Kitting
  • Pick & Pack
  • Specialized Promotional Fulfillment