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July 06, 2020 Press Release

DSG | UW Awarded by PINE

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the annual PINE awards show was cancelled. However, DSG | UW was recognized for their hard work and received Pinnacles in 4 categories, two Awards of Recognition, and two Awards of Merit. Here are some examples of the work we are so proud of:

Pinnacle Awards

Consumer Marketing and Promotional Campaigns
The Merion Catering and Special Events

Fashion and Pop Culture Magazines
Nantucket Magazine Fall/Winter 2019

Products Catalogs
Fall Trask Catalog

DS Graphics | Universal Wilde's 2019–2020 Calendar

Awards of Recognition

  • Annual Report
    Wheaton Guide Viewbook
  • Business-to-Business Marketing and Promotional Campaigns
    JLL Look Book

Awards of Merit

  • Service Catalogs
    Babson College Viewbook
  • Calendar
    Grand Circle Travel 2020 Calendar

For more details on the Awards of Excellence, visit PINE.org.