December 23, 2019 Article

Postal Rates Increase for 2020


As you may have heard, the USPS is planning to increase postage rates once again.  

Effective January 26, 2020, postage rates will change according to the chart below. 

Download our complete Postal Rates Sheet for 2020 »

Highlights (lowlights) of program

  • The average consumer is spared this year as regular first class postage remains at $0.55
  • Marketing Mail (formerly known as Standard Mail or Bulk Mail), will increase 1.69% in the most common letter category. 
  • Non-Profit Automation Letters will increase 1.05%
  • First Class Automation Letters will increase 1.96%
  • Postcards (no increase last year) will increase 0.87%.
  • The biggest changes are for Flats. 
  • While First Class Automation Flats will decrease 4.83%, Marketing Mail and Non-Profit Flats will increase by 3.6% and 4.24% respectively. 

Opportunities for savings

Did you attend our webinar series last year covering the promotions that the USPS offered to save money on postage? 

Did you want to take advantage of the savings, but you just couldn’t get a program together in time? 

Well the USPS is repeating their promotions again this year! DSG will be providing a webinar overview of the promotional programs in total in early 2020, and then repeat our popular series from last year, updated with some case studies and new goodies. 

Over the next few months, DS Graphics will conduct a series of free informational webinars that will help you take advantage of ways to save money on postage and increase the return on your direct mail. Email us for more information on that!

Making sense of it all

Not to worry—your DS Graphics account executive and project manager are available to review how this increase affects your business and what steps can be taken to minimize the impact.