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How we helped an international travel company to optimize their communications and cut 20% of their costs in the process.

A leading, Northeast-based luxury vacations company approached DS Graphics | Universal Wilde to turn their annual catalog into a more specialized marketing and communications strategy based on years of data analytics pulled straight from their own CRM.

What we found was that they could favorably enhance customer behavior through more targeted, personalized, meaningful and frequent communications based on specific interests—using DSG | UW's advanced production techniques and technologies. This resulted in lower production costs, higher response rates and more accurate reporting, creating significant growth for the company and emotional connections with each individual customer.

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  • Executive Consultation
  • Database Development
  • Web-to-Print Solutions
  • Mail Services
  • Data Processing
  • Digital & Offset Printing
  • Creative Services

Before working with DS Graphics | Universal Wilde, the travel company produced an annual catalog, containing static content that didn't offer updated pricing or relevant points of interest for its individual customers, distributed in a single mass mailing. It got a low response from their customer base.

When potential customers contacted the company throughout the year with information requests and travel inquiries, they got the exact same catalog. The lack of updated or relevant information caused confusion and frustration, resulting in an uptick in travel consultant calls and, in some cases, a decrease in sales.

To make matters worse, multiple mailings of the large catalog proved to be expensive and in direct conflict with the travel company’s green initiatives.

The static mailer didn't offer updated pricing or relevant points of interest for individual customers.

Static annual mailer

  • Low response rate
  • Increased support calls
  • Decrease in sales
  • Expensive to mail

Representatives from the travel company team met with the expert team at DSG | UW to determine how best to use the data they'd collected on their existing customer base through their CRM, website, and supplemental lists.

In collaboration with the client’s internal marketing and data collection teams, DSG | UW’s executive consultants and programming experts developed a program that would allow the client the ability to touch their customer base multiple times with smaller, more targeted offers throughout the year instead of with one impersonal mass mailing.

DS Graphics | Universal Wilde developed and deployed four meaningful, data-driven offers that are now relevant to each customer's individual interests. Each communication is now based on a customer’s preference in hotels, means of travel and location, coupled with discounts based on their travel points and associated travel data.

Dynamic quarterly mailer

First Last Interest
Douglas Jensen France
Ruth Watson Ireland
Jack Mitchell Tokyo
Julie Stevens Africa
Gerald Clark Berlin
Ann Pena Italy
Steven Newman Thailand
Matthew Edwards Australia
Dynamic, data-driven offers are more relevant to each customer's individual interests.
  • Higher response rates
  • Increase in sales
  • Lower production costs

Enhancing the excitement of the client's customer base and creating an emotional connection with each person individually now make customers feel special. The favorable response to personalized communications has fostered a significant increase in inquiries and sales.

Now, the travel company prints fewer of their larger catalogs at one time and follows up with their customers with more meaningful communications, each based on their specific interests, resulting in lower production costs and higher response rates.

DSG | UW’s advanced production techniques and supporting technologies continue to provide the client a significant time-to-market advantage, with the ability to develop more accurate pricing, reporting, and significant growth.

DSG | UW-Driven Results

  • Optimized enterprise-wide communications and personalized customer focus
  • Streamlined processes using breakthrough technology
  • Reduced costs across the supply chain by an average of 20%
  • Shortened time-to-market by as much as 50%, from weeks to days

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