At DS Graphics | Universal Wilde we design solutions perfectly suited for your needs. This aspect of marketing is now receiving much more attention for a very simple reason. The dollars saved by reducing these indirect, and often "invisible" materials costs can be redeployed to fund revenue-generating campaigns and programs.

Print Optimization™

Marketers need to monitor and improve the performance of marketing campaigns. But it's equally important to focus on the efficiency of marketing operations. One area of marketing operations that offers huge opportunities for improvement in most companies relates to the management of marketing materials (marketing collateral, promotional items, and point-of-sale materials).

Print Optimization™ is the optimal balance between efficiency and effectiveness. It is the intersection of the best combination of efficient production methods and effective communication. To understand this better, consider the two often opposed forces. Ultra-efficiency is a long run web job where the cost per unit is very low. And Ultra-effectiveness is a custom designed piece for every individual. The optimal mix depends upon client acquisition costs and marketing strategy. But once you have made those decisions, how it gets procured and produced also has to be optimized. And that's where Print Optimization™ comes in.

Our approach

  • Print Supply Chain costs are reduced by an average of 20%-40%
  • Process improvements allow organizations to refocus on core business activities
  • Technology drives real-time targeted marketing and provides a platform for sustained growth
  • Marketing objectives are established and measured insuring optimized communications
  • Standardization and templating achieves brand compliance

Using a process focused approach enabled by workflow automation and technology, DSG | UW architects and launches solutions which allow organizations to communicate more effectively with any audience.