Branding Solutions

DSG | UW will help your company develop high-quality branding solutions and source the industry's most innovative promotional material while obtaining the lowest possible price for your premium items. And we'll coordinate each step of the production process—saving you time and money!


DSG | UW provides a full scope of services and programs. What can we do for you?

  • Custom Orders (promotional products, advertising specialties, and giveaways)
  • Premiums (name brand items)
  • Corporate Programs

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DSG | UW specializes in finding that special and unique item that gets the reaction you're after!

Promotional products bearing your company's name, logo, contact information, and/or message are an integral part of most marketing and communications campaigns. A versatile yet affordable communication tool, they serve as reminders, message carriers, and brand reinforcement. DSG |UW's promotional products are as scalable as they are successful.

When you need a little more firepower, turn to name brand items that will get the reaction you're looking for. Upscale name products from Movado, Samsonite, Swiss Army, Zippo, Coach, and many, many more!

We will work with you to find the products that meet both your business objectives and your budget.


DSG | UW can support your corporate strategic initiatives including brand building, public relations, and marketing through the development of targeted promotional programs. Corporate Merchandise Programs or Company Stores are pre-selected collections of custom, branded products or premiums that are readily accessible to your employees, clients or other potential buyers through a printed catalog, an internet site or both.

Benefits of DSG | UW's corporate programs:

  • Simplifies the buying process
  • Ensures consistency with and control of your corporate brand, logo, and graphic standards
  • Reduces the time internal buyers spend on planning
  • Offers comprehensive administration and reporting options
  • Provides a customized, easy-to-use website

Let DSG | UW simplify and manage this process and help you take control of your time and your brand!

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