August 05, 2021 Press Release

USPS Second Postage Rate Increase in 2021


As you may have heard, the USPS is planning a second increase on postage rates for 2021.

Effective August 29, 2021, postage rates will change according to the chart below.

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This one isn't pretty. Increases range from 5% to over 10%.

Opportunities for savings

We know these cost increases are a tough pill to swallow, but there is some good news.

The USPS will be bringing back the postal promotion campaigns in 2022, some with even more savings!

Tactile, Sensory, and Interactive Engagement along with Informed Delivery will offer a 4% discount in 2022 (up from 2%), while Personalized Color Transpromo will offer a 3% savings (up from 2%). There will also be a 3% savings level offered for Emerging & Advanced Technology.

Have you attended our webinar series this year covering the promotions that the USPS offered to save money on postage?

DS Graphics | Universal Wilde have been providing webinar overviews of the promotional programs, updated with new technologies, some case studies, and new goodies.

View the our webinars online at or Email us for more information!

Making sense of it all

Not to worry—your DS Graphics | Universal Wilde account executive and project manager are available to review how this increase affects your business and what steps can be taken to minimize the impact.